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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I have lost my login details?

Attempt to log in from the home page and follow the prompts on screen when access is denied.

What is the best way to play the Real Game?

It is recommended that the game is played online with teachers using an interactive whiteboard. However, a printed version is available for a more traditional approach.

Do you have to play the Real Game online?

No. It is recommended that the game is played online to take advantage of all the features offered. However, it can be played traditionally using the printed version.

Do students need to have access to an individual PC to play the game?

No. Students are able to use printed or purchased handouts to play the game. Students can access the interactive worksheets online out of school if teachers wish to set online homework.

Can I use the resource in an IT suite?

Yes. Most of the game can be used online individually by students. Certain lessons where group working is the main feature do not offer individual online work.

What IT specification will I need?

The Technical Support guide shows the ideal IT specification required to play the game and use the resource.

Do I need to install software?

No. The Real Game resource is web-based software. You may need to update your browser or plugins, depending on the age of your system. See your school technician who should check the Technical Support guide.

Who can help me with any IT problems?

You should contact your school technician to help with any access problems in school.

Is there any support for the school IT Technician?

Yes. There is an online Technical Support guide on the website in the Training and Support section. If your problem is not resolved from the guide then a helpline is available at 01229 814840 during normal office hours.

What happens if my internet link goes down during class?

A back-up CD is provided which will allow access to the in class presentational material and interactive games.

My back-up CD does not work. What do I do?

On Windows the CD should autorun. If this does not happen, or you are using a Mac, double click the CD icon, then double click on index.html.

Do I need to photocopy materials as in the last game?

Interactive worksheets are used where a site licence has been purchased or handouts can be printed from the website where PCs are not available to students. Photocopying is required with the printed version of the game. Alternatively pads of student handouts can be purchased separately.

Can I prepare lessons at home?

Yes. You will be able to prepare lessons at home, providing you have internet access. All lesson preparation is completed online for the digital version. All lesson preparation information is included in the hard copy pack. 

Do I have to print handouts at home, when preparing my lesson?

No. There is a print queue facility to enable printing in school.

Is training and support available?

Yes. Awareness training is available from Prospects. Alternatively a local  Real Game trainer may be available to provide local support and training to schools. Ring 01229 814840 for further information.

Are the lesson plans included?

Yes. Detailed lesson notes with hints and tips for delivery are included.

How do I prepare to use the game?

Each lesson has a quick reference guide to show what you need to prepare and familiarise yourself with before the lesson. Lesson 1 contains information about setting up the game.

Can I use parents/ carers to enhance student learning?

Yes. The game is an excellent resource for involving parents and members of the community both in class and at home. The game is about life which enables parents/carers to be more involved in the activities and learning of students.

Can colleagues be used to support the learning?

Yes. The game can be used across PSHEE and to deliver the National Careers Education Framework outcomes. Other subject teachers such as maths and IT can be involved.

Can I involve members of the community?

Yes. The game lends itself to inviting different members of the community to share their experiences and support the learning of students, in particular members of the business community.