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Teachers’ on line material

Each lesson has a detailed lesson plan with hints and notes for teachers to enhance delivery, including discussion points. A step-by-step guide to preparation is also provided. All preparation is completed on line and enables choices to be provided for teachers to make the game more applicable locally. Student interactive worksheets can be accessed by students on-line both in and out of school. Student handouts can be printed or purchased to play the game off-line. A lesson proforma is also available for teachers to record their lesson details and for information on differentiation to be inserted for the class.

The learning outcomes are also identified within each lesson for CEG, PSHE and Citizenship. Curriculum guides for the learning outcomes and Enterprise education are free to download on the website.

lesson preperation

Screenshot: Lesson Preparation

lesson plan

Screenshot: Detailed Lesson Plan

lesson proforma

Screenshot: Lesson Proforma

Student handouts for printing, the interactive on line versions, games and other teachers support materials are available for each lesson.

Browse the lesson menu to resources available for lesson 1.

live class resources menu

Screenshot: Lesson Resources Menu

An In class demonstration is available for use in class. This is a mixture of bullet points to draw out key teaching and learning points, examples of the students’ handouts demonstrating their completion, and the interactive games. A Real Game CDof all the in class presentations is provided on purchase of a license to enable schools the flexibility of using the game off-line and as an emergency back-up.

Teachers can draw in members of the community to enhance topics being discussed or which are particularly relevant to their local community. The game is an excellent resource for engaging parents and carers.

Real Game Training

Awareness training is available to demonstrate the content of the game and how to start using the game. This is delivered via a webinar from Prospects. In addition, a local Real Game Trainer may be available to provide on site assistance and training relevant to school requirements. There may be a charge for this service which would be agreed between the school and the individual trainer.

Ring 01229 814840 to book your webinar or to find further information on the availability of local trainers.

IT technical support

IT technical expertise is available via the Technical Support guide and a help line for school technicians to ensure that the game can be accessed by teachers and that students can enjoy the full potential of the games activities. For more information see the help and support page.

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