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Overview of the Game


The Real Game is a lifestyle, learning and earning teaching resource for Key Stage 3 students. It is a flexible resource used to deliver the learning outcomes for the National Careers Education Framework 7 - 19 and PSHEE. The resource can be used cross curricular to deliver the personal development agenda.  

The Real Game provides many opportunities for students to explore adult life. Through the game students experience a range of different learning styles and also develop employability and key skills. These can be transferred to personal decision making by students making subject choices at the end of KS3 and determining their personal learning strategy, for their future careers. These decisions are more significant with the many opportunities and flexibilities offered by the 14-19 strategy for learning. The ‘Realising your dream profile’ completed at the end of the game can be to their personal portfolios as an action plan for the following 12 -18 months.

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The resource

Five guiding principles are used throughout the game; Change is constant Learning is on going, Focus on the journey, Follow you heart and Access your allies.

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The game is based upon role- play. Students are allocated job roles as single young adults. They undertake a series of activities which explore their dreams about their future lifestyle, accommodation, transport choices and leisure activities. Charity work and volunteering are also included which can be used to explore student contributions to their local communities.

The updated web based game replaces the existing hard copy version. It has been designed to be played:

  • Online using an interactive white board, pc and projector for teachers in class presentational material and interactive games. Students access interactive worksheets in an IT suite or at home.

Alternatively the Printed Version can be used traditionally using an interactive white board, pc and projector. A CD of in-class presentational material and interactive games is included. Students use printed or purchased handouts. Some features such as automatic scoring of games will not be available.

A students’ area has been developed which can be accessed out of lesson in school or at home. This enables class room work to be completed by students as homework. A character – – has been developed with young people to further engage students in the presentation of materials.

The game is divided into 15 individual lessons of 50 minutes. But the resource is flexible and can be adapted to meet available timetable allocation and specific learning outcomes. The game can be played over a school year, as an element of a carousel arrangement or as part of an enrichment programme or careers day. Lessons 1 – 8 form the core components of the game and are played by the student in role. Lessons 9 – 15 enables wider learning e.g. on diversity. Students apply their learning from the game to themselves and their future choices. A number of schools with limited time play the game up to Lesson 8 only.

Download a flow chart overview of the game (pdf)

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